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Courses participants:

Excellent opportunity to deepen understanding of mindfulness eperience. A good range of techniques introducted, clear guidance and support from tutors. Pleasent symppative atmosphere created in group.”

„Good balance between practice and theory”

„This training was all I was hoping for to deepen my mindfulness practice. I love how the sessions are staged, very good and efficient use of time. Excellent facilitators, important for me that you extend your mindfulness and compassion to us as your students. Thank you very much.”

„I explored completely new areas of my life. I gained another, interesting perspective and other approach to the world and people. I feel light and calm.”

„I would like to warmly recommend courses because I saw a great organization, qualified teachers and a unique atmosphere. Thank you very much!”

„This training is all I was hoping for to deepen my mindfulness practice. I love how sessions are staged, very good and efficient use of time. Excellent facilitators, it’s important for me that you extend your mindfulness and compassion on to us as your students. Thank you very much.”

„Techniques to use to work at home. Very competent tutors. I got answers to my questions. I was heard. ”

„Super trainers – experienced, genuine and kind, super participants – open, engaged and kind”

„Very beautiful and balanced work with mind and body. Great sense of security.”

„Experiences to share and way of delivering by tutors. Excellent translator. Warm atmosphere, full of kindness. Thank you very much for this common journey deep into mind, soul and body.”

„Very high quality of training. Great group Lovely place. Lots of inspiration.”

„I really appreciate the tutors genuine concern of the participants well-being.”

„Very good contact with other participants and the possibility of individual consultations with the trainers contributed to the fact that every weekend of the course was a very nutritious experience overall.”

„Is was very kind, calm and non-invasive. I am grateful for having opportunity to be there :)”

„A supportive theme, sensitive tutors creating space for participants.”

„A lot of time has been dedicated to practice. Time was fully filled. Various practices. Very good translation and great tutors”

„Very informative delivering of classes. A great openness of the tutors.”

„A very thorough experience and great practice. Expertly facilitated. Thank you very much.”

„A very thoughtful and consistently conducted process. Great heart, just as great as the knowledge and experience of the tutors. Atmosphere full of understanding and safeness.”


Interview with Anna Zubrzycki and Angie Ball – click here

Translation down below:

„It’s really about getting people to stop hurting themselves so that everyday life becomes a little more bearable,” says Mindfulness teacher Anna Zubrzycki, one of the three teachers during retreat in Pustelnik.

The five-day retreat was held in Agroturystyka Pustelnik. After returning from the main road numer „five”, the narrow down road enters the parking lot. Peace and quiet. If you did not set up along the lawn cars, you would think that no one is there, in the neighborhood.

Small table over a lovely pond. Anna Zubrzycki explains the essence of the method that originated in Buddhism, but years of work and practice have made it completely free of religious doctrine.

Mindfulness is simply living here and now, fully and unconditionally. Practitioners achieve this status by working daily with each other, meditating. Due to this, we becomes calmer, more confident, reconciled with our own mind.

Jon Kabat Zinn, the founding professor of the American Stress Reduction Clinic, is working on the development of the quality of life, working with cancer patients. His method of stress-reduction (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), based on the Buddhist tradition is offered today to patients in clinics and hospitals around the world. Based on Kabat- Zinn’s achievements, other types of Mindfulness approaches have also been developed.

For the second time in Pustelnik a meeting of participants practicing Mindfulness in everyday life was organized. A year ago the meeting was hosted by world-renowned teacher of this approach-Rob Nair. This year, „Retreat deepening practice of mindfulness and compassion” will be led by three tutors: Anna Zubrzycki, Angie Ball from UK and Annick Nevejan from the Netherlands. This time 16 people practice together mindfulness.

Retreats are special meetings for people who already practice but want to deepen their own Mindfulness experience – says A. Zubrzycki. The most interesting fact is that in the UK doctors prescribe this method as a treatment, and are reimbursed, and in schools there are so-called Mindfulness rooms, where children, who have emotional or other problems can settle a little bit their minds. Instead of punishment- treatment.

The Mindfulness approach is very carefully tested and inlcuded in scientific researches, there is medical evidence that the mind of a meditator is changing permanently. Positive changes persist while patients experience a real change in their daily well-being, reduced suffering, even physical pain.

In Poland research on this method is carried out by three universities.