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This course provides training in the key teaching skills for guiding core practices from the Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) and leading Enquiry sessions.

The Teaching Skills Module take place over two weekends. The Certificate od Readiness to teach is awarded to those who complete two teacher training weekends, will submit written assignment and lead a short practice of mindfulness and inquiry with the group during the second weekend of training.

The course covers the following themes:

– The embodiment of mindfulness and compassion
– Leading mindfulness practices and inquiry sessions with a group
– Mindful dialogue
– Group dynamics
– Professional and ethical recommendations and guidelines
– Tips for teaching individual practices in the MBLC (Mindfulness Based Living Course) course: body scan, mindful movement and the settling, grounding and resting of the mind, with mindfulness support.

Participants will have the opportunity to lead guided practices and enquiry sessions with fellow participants in a safe environment. Feedback will be provided in weekend two by fellow participants.

The course is designed for those who have completed the 4-weekend certified Mindfulness Training course and is a foundation for those who wish to go on to do the MBLC teaching skills retreat in order to learn to teach our 8 week MBLC course.

Emphasis during the course is placed on participants being able to embody mindfulness and compassion while facilitating secular Mindfulness training courses. The key skill, and requirement, is learning to stay fully present as you lead guided practices and enquiry. This skill depends entirely upon a sustained and regular personal mindfulness practice.

Completing this course qualifies you for the MBLC Retreat.