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We invite you to familiarize yourself and learn about the training pathways of the Mindfulness Association. We provide courses for beginners, as well as for those who wish to deepen their Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight practice. We organize 8-week MBLC and CBLC courses, professional development in the area of mindfulness and compassion, and retreats for mindfulness practitioners and those who are working with the body.

We also provide a teacher training pathway for Mindfulness and Compassion courses. All courses organized by Mindfulness Association are certified.

Our teaching courses adhere to UK Good Practice Guidelines for Teachers (click here)

MBLC – Mindfulness Based Living Course

This training consist of eight weekly classes according to the Mindfulness Association program. The course is aimed for beginners, it is not required to have experience in the practice of mindfulness. The MBLC course places great emphasis on the practical aspects of the training. You will learn the various practices that allow you to discover the mechanisms of the functioning of the human mind and ways to relieve the stress -professional, health related and interpersonal. The MBLC course is aimed at people who want to get to know the basic practices of Mindfulness in a short period of time. More information – click here

Mindfulness practice for beginners

Mindfulness practice allows us to become aware of and change our way of thinking. By meditating on mindfulness we can better understand ourselves and establish close relationships with other people so that our lives are fuller and more harmonious. If you are interested in learning mindful and attentive life and want to discover basic mindfulness practices for beginners as well as compassion and insight practices explore the pathways for mindfulness, compassion and insight practitioners as well as short courses.

Teacher training

Those who are interested we provide the opportunity for mindfulness and compassion teacher training. We are the only organization training MBLC (Mindfulness Based Living Course) and CBLC (Compassion Based Living Course) teachers in Poland. The training pathway for teachers is based on the Mindfulness Teachers Good Practice guidelines – more information- click here.