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In order to teach compassion, you must complete Mindfulness teacher training pathway (link) as well as the Certified Compassion and a retreat for future CBLC teachers .

If you are a mindfulness teacher in one of the approaches: MBSR, MBCT, Breathworks, MBCL and you are interested in teaching Compassion, we invite you to complete the content during the 2nd and 3rd module of the Certified Mindfulness Course  and then attend to Certified Compassion Course and a retreat for future CBLC teachers.

The Compassion Teacher Training Path includes the learning ability and skills to lead compassion meditation practices in groups during short, 8-week Compassion Based Living Course (CBLC).

Completing the mindfulness teacher training pathway and certified compassion training course enables you to participate in a 5-day retreat for future CBLC teachers, where you can deepen your own practice and take advantage of your experience in working with a group of tutors and teachers of the Mindfulness Association. Successful completion of the retreat is a way to independently deliver 8-week CBLC courses.