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We invite you to join us on Mindfulness Retreat „Mindful Engagement in Deepening Practice”.

The retreat will take place on 6-11 of August 2019 in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland.


A 5-day retreat intended for Mindfulness and Compassion students to deepen their practice, suitable for those who have completed one of the Mindfulness Association’s one year training programmes as well as for those who have a strong background in other mindfulness and compassion traditions.

The retreat is aimed at providing the space to further deepen our practice of Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight; specifically taking our ‘on the cushion’ practice ‘off the cushion’ in order to create a more engaged mindfulness approach within our daily lives.

During the 5 days there will be sessions of reflective practices, the main theme being our interconnectivity as human beings, noticing the ripple effect of how our actions can impact on others whether directly or indirectly. A single act from ourselves towards others may have a much greater impact than we expect like the ever-widening ripples on a lake. We may begin to recognise how our lives are similar to a vast net connecting us to all other life on this planet, each part of this net linked to all of the rest.

We will continue our practice of developing and appreciating our qualities of embodied kindness and compassion, gaining inner strength from these qualities, which are our closest allies for understanding our inner interdependence as well as aiding in negotiating the conditions of our outer interdependence. We cultivate a radical openness, the capacity of truly staying open to others who and wherever they may be.
The beautiful surroundings of Kazimierz give us the opportunity to spend time in the natural environment as a part of our reflective journey. Time will also be included for discussion and mindful sharing together. This will be mainly a practice-based retreat with opportunities to re-visit the essential key practices whilst building on these to explore various arising themes.

There will be a daily practice schedule with periods of sitting and silence, mindful walks in nature and movement practices. We will offer teachings and guided practices with sharing and inquiry. There will also be the opportunity for personal practice reviews with the tutors.

Various relevant practices will be deepened by journaling and experiential sessions.

Number are limited.


Angie Ball – is a lead tutor and mentor/supervisor for the Mindfulness Association .She has been teaching and running courses in Mindfulness and Compassion for the past 10 years both for the local government authority as well as in the private sector both in the U.K and throughout Europe. Angie has studied and received teachings from several highly respected Tibetan Buddhist teachers for over 30 years, during which time she also studied and participated in an extensive East- West therapy training, entitled Tara Rokpa Therapy. This training was initially implemented by Tulku Akong Rimpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, based at Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland U.K. Angie was involved in this therapy from its inception during 1983, participating in the therapeutic process and later training as a Tara Rokpa Therapist, running groups and workshops.She holds a (BA Hons.) Arts Degree and is trained in both Art’s Development as well as health and body work, and was employed by the local council authority to develop a regional arts and health programme throughout Cumbria in the UK. She also holds a certificate in the study of Transpersonal Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Her Buddhist practices have been greatly under-pinned by the essential ground practice of Shine or Mindfulness, and she later trained with professor, tutor and writer, Rob Nairn, in Mindfulness and then undertook a Masters (MSc) study in Mindfulness with Aberdeen University.

Ewa Orłowska – Assistant Tutor in Mindfulness Association Polska. Certyfikowany nauczyciel MBLC (certyfikat Mindfulness Association Polska) oraz MBSR (certyfikat Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches, Niemcy). Współprowadzi kursy w obrębie ścieżek proponowanych szkoleń w Mindfulness Association Polska oraz CPD. Superwizor Mindfulness Association Polska (certyfikacja Mindfulness Association, Wlk. Brytania). Nauczyciel brytyjskich programów dla szkół Mindfulness in Schools Project.
Mieszka w Warszawie, z wykształcenia neofilolog, ukończyła Uniwersytet Warszawski na kierunku germanistyka. Jest trenerką i autorką materiałów dydaktycznych i programów doskonalenia dla nauczycieli z zakresu neurodydaktyki. Pracowała jako nauczyciel w przedszkolu integracyjnym, tłumaczka, nauczycielka, dyrektorka elitarnej szkoły, trenerka i koordynatorka programów edukacyjnych w Ośrodku Rozwoju Edukacji. Koncentruje się na treningu mindfulness i szkoleniach z zakresu komunikacji, transformacji konfliktów i mediacji. Certyfikowana trenerka Porozumienia bez Przemocy, wykłada na studiach podyplomowych Collegium Civitas dla trenerów Porozumienia bez Przemocy. Od 30 lat praktykuje medytację w tradycji buddyzm zen, od kilku lat naucza i integruje w pracy zawodowej.

Jacek Dobrowolski


Ekopark Lipowa Dolina, Wylągi 48, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland


The cost of participation consists:
– retreat – 1000zł
– food – 450zł
– accommodation depending on an option:
Accommodation in a double room with its own bathroom – 650 zł
Accommodation in a triple room with its own bathroom – 550 zł
Accommodation in a double room with a shared bathroom with another room- 450 zł
Accommodation in a triple room with a shared bathroom with another room – 350 zł
Accommodation in a four-person room with its own bathroom – 350 zł
Accommodation in a interconnecting triple room with its own bathroom – 250 zł


Filing out the application formula does not guarantee a place on the retreat.
Only payment of the full amount for the participation and filling in the application form – gives such confidence.

After completing the form, you will receive an information whether the accommodation option you have chosen is available. After determining the accommodation option, we will send you the data for transfer of payment for the participation.

Payment day: 17.06.2019.
Withdrawal from retreat until 6.07.2019, the fee is fully refundable. After this date, the fee is non-refundable.

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