The International Bodywork Conference „SAPERE”, 17th-18th March 2018, Cracow

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On the 17th – 18th March 2018 Mindfulness Association Poland tutors, Dr Krystyna Boroń Krupińska and Anna Zubrzycki will take part in The International Bodywork Conference „SAPERE” in Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland.

About the Conference:

The conference is aimed at psychologists, psychotherapists, body psychotherapists, physicians, athletes and people seeking alternative therapies. Speakers with many years’ experience of working with clients will tell us about the influence the mind has on the body.  Methods of working with the body in the psychological context will be presented. We will have the pleasure of working with outstanding specialists from the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Denmark and, of course, from Poland.

All lectures will be translated into Polish, while lectures in Polish will be translated for foreigners into English (simultaneous interpretation).

Lectures are planned for the first day, with a lot of practice on the second day. Workshop registration will be organised on the first come first served basis.

In order to be rational, the mind must be rooted in the emotional signals sent by the body.

Antonio Damasio

The tickets are available on the website:

How mindfulness supports the healing process

The workshops:

During the workshop, it will be possible to learn about the approach and practice of mindfulness, as well as to use it in working with the body. We will examine the basics of the mind-body relationship. What are our habits, beliefs, and our attitude towards what is happening during the exercises? Short practice connected with movement, breathing, and mind work that will be helpful here, allowing you to fully experience them.
The directing of non-evaluative acceptance-based attention to the current experience leads to better contact with your body and mind, and enables fuller and deeper insight in your psyche.

Mindfulness can help you when:

you are permanently worried, unable to stop thinking – for example, about work, or problems, you experience great anxiety, avoid certain situations because you are afraid of the confrontation or you are under an impression that you will not cope with them, you experience guilt, shame, fear, you are constantly worried about results or achievements, or the way in which you will be assessed, you are constantly annoyed with yourself and others, you feel that you do not control your life, you cannot concentrate, you feel stuck and unable to move, irritated or agitated when others are slower than you, you have trouble sleeping, breathing, caring for your health


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